Thueringer  Holzwolle

Woodwool from the Thueringer Forest    





Woodwool is the unique, alternative, purely biological packing material with outstanding technical, ecological and economic characteristics and low prices. And it looks good!

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Are you looking for a packing material for your exclusive goods like bottled wine, cheese or other food product? Would you like to make your present for Christmas, Easter or other celebration look special? Woodwool is the ideal alternative. It safeguards your product from the many risks in the transportation chain, and also it makes your article look even more luxurious, adding only the very low cents ( pence ) amount of the extra costs. Please, take a look at our Premium Woodwool.


Would you like to pack your agriculture good safely, comfortably and, before all, cheap? Strawberries, tulip bulbs, fruits, or any other? Our Agrarian woodwool has been created for this. By the way, our lovely beasts at the farm, like cows or goats, donít have to come short, for we have the Udder wool to present, which cleans udder gently and effective.


Are you interested to pack heavy industrial goods, or products made of glass, ceramic or porcelain or some other lightly breakable material? Classic Woodwool is the perfect choice.


And there are more. Further information to our products you can find on our Products page, or follow the links above and below.


We deliver in Europe and all over the world.


Our company philosophy

With first-class quality and service we bring our products to an appropriate place in wide specter of packing materials. With our product Woodwool Premium we want to reach consumers interested in small quantities, low costs and direct supply.


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