Thueringer  Holzwolle

Woodwool from the Thueringer Forest    






Udderwoodwool or udder wool is the optimal product for the udder cleaning for diary cattle such as cows, sheep and goats.

The udder care of cows is an important component of milking. From hygienic view it is necessarily to remove dirt and excrement particles from udder to avoid milk pollution. Application of our udder wool is just the right  mean to achieve the desirable result. A further positive effect of the cleaning process is the stimulation of the udder, which leads to the output of hormone Oxytocin and consequently to the rapid and as complete as possible milk delivery. Besides it is also important to  create  a stress-free atmosphere for milking, in order to prevent the possible output of the stress hormones. which restrain the milk production.

Udderwoodwool is made of the special thin woodwool produced of fine wood. Unique characteristics make the Udderwoodwool one of the best materials suitable to release  the dirt particle from the udder without creating any stress to the cow and stimulate the udder.

Udderwoodwool is handily, cheap, can be combined with disinfecting components and germ-free.

Fresh Udderwoodwool is used for each cow because of the hygienic requirements.  However, only about 5 gram per procedure are needed. Major advantage of the Udderwoodwool is the fact that this is a natural product, and it is very easy in disposal, for example over muck.

Per cow and per year 4.5 kg of Udderwoodwool  is needed according to experience. We offer Udderwoodwool  in cardboards 10 kg each, which will be sufficient  for two cows per year.

The price - earning relationship attained is  outstanding, for you invest only 0,019€ (1,9 cent)  per cleaning for our Udderwoodwool.

Cost per cardboard amounts to 38€ free delivery in UK and Ireland .

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